Unisex jewelry and its growing popularity fit perfectly into the new fashion trends that are launching increasingly transversal proposals inspired by contaminations between masculine and feminine and the advent of true hybrid or gender-free styles. In the panorama of inclusive jewelry, it is materials and design that make the difference: style is lightened from the most obsolete limits and invites us to experiment with boldness and lightness.

In this article we outline the most popular no-gender jewelry, designed to be freely interpreted by anyone who chooses to wear it.

Unisex jewelry: the advent of the no-gender

With the rejection of the traditional distinction between men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry, the latest trends from the fashion world are also sweeping the jewelry industry by promoting unisex rings, earrings, and bracelets designed to respond to the individual’s fancy rather than his or her gender.

This transformation is moving along two different paths: on the one hand, we observe an increase in the popularity of traditional unisex jewelry; on the other hand, we are witnessing an evolution of tastes that is pushing consumers to ignore and gender divisions that would dictate, for example, that floral shapes are a female prerogative and that accessories such as chevalier rings are worn exclusively by men.

Below we explore the characteristics of the currently most popular unisex and no-gender jewelry:

Unisex bracelets

While unisex bracelets for couples (such as unisex bracelets for engraving) are nothing new, this season we are seeing an unprecedented no-gender interpretation of designs that in the past were considered typically feminine. Case in point? The unisex tennis bracelet, which is now also being employed to add brightness to men’s looks. A similar path is being taken by bangles, which in the unisex rigid bracelet version can also be worn by men who like to impress with sophisticated and unconventional looks.

Unisex Rings

From the classic unisex band rings already worn by couples who like to sport the same piece of jewelry, today we are witnessing a shift to unisex silver rings that appeal to no-gender or genderfluid fashion lovers: this is the case with chevalier rings, which after an initial comeback in men’s fashion are also tempting lovers of important jewelry with an original character.

Unisex necklaces

Again, the watchword here is “contamination”: men’s and unisex necklaces inspired by the looks of rock stars are making their way into women’s outfits, while men’s fashion is being tempted by bright and anything but minimalist jewelry such as the choker-sized unisex gold necklace or the necklace inspired by old-fashioned feminine elegance.

Unisex earrings

Of course, earrings do not escape the no-gender wave: the most representative appropriation is undoubtedly that of the stitch light, which from being a typically feminine accessory is beginning to make its way onto men’s earlobes.

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