Jewellery has always been one of the most popular Valentine’s day gifts. The celebration of love and romance suggests gifts that are precious and lasting romantic messages, perhaps focusing on bright and luminous solutions such as the single diamond  necklace or diamond stud earrings.

Single diamond necklace

The necklace with a single diamond is a versatile jewel suitable for everyday life as well as for special occasions. This precious accessory is made in many different materials and styles, always maintaining the prerogative of the small pendant with brilliant stone that gives the product its name. Simple, refined and timeless, the light point necklaces are suitable for women with a classic style and for those super dynamic, from lovers of minimalism to fashionistas.

Diamond stud earrings

Tiny, elegant and refined: diamond stud earrings are small joys that add a delicate brilliant touch to every look. You can choose the classic white gold light point earrings or opt for models with diamonds or other types of stones. Depending on the color, size and style of the frame, diamond stud earrings can be minimal, classic or creative. As well as the men’s earrings, which are increasingly popular and appreciated, the numerous feminine versions of this jewel can also be worn every day with great practicality.

Rings with diamonds

Wearing a bright light point on your finger allows you to underline every gesture with a touch of elegant femininity. A light diamond ring can be the traditional solitaire with diamond but also an accessory decorated with different stones, perhaps colored, with a rounded, square, teardrop or triangular shape. For the ease of pairing and the ability to immediately increase the elegance, this type of ornament should never be missing in any woman’s essential jewelry box.

Single diamond bracelet

The bracelets with a single precious stone are also included among the point of light jewels. Rigid or chain, they can vary in material and thickness giving life to different models that will adapt to the style of the person to whom the gift is intended. The difference with tennis bracelets, consisting of an uninterrupted row of diamonds or brilliants, lies precisely in the number of gems used: if on the one hand a luminous line is created, on the other a single stone draws all the attention. The best way to show off the bracelets with a light point is to wear them alone, letting the brilliance of the stone draw attention to the hands and gestures of the speaker.

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