A bespoke product is an original work of craftsmanship made at the request of the customer according to his wishes. This trend, much sought after in the sartorial field, also involves the jewelry industry: the creation of jewelry on commission allows you to get absolutely unique custom necklaces, rings and bracelets.

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Creation of artisanal bespoke jewelry

Bespoke bijoux are not simple custom-made jewels: this kind of realization, in fact, is not limited to adapting volumes and sizes to the needs of those who will wear the precious object, but creates real masterpieces of jewelry customization, offering the customer the opportunity to choose materials, shapes, styles and subjects in full liberty.

A bespoke service is a unique experience: giving or receiving a bespoke jewel is a pleasure to live.

Our creations: handmade bespoke jewelry

Every piece of bespoke jewelry made in our workshop has a unique story. Recently, a client requested custom earrings with emeralds and diamonds; a boy created a beautiful custom ring for his girlfriend and a mother decided to commission custom gold pendant created from her son’s drawings: the possibilities are truly endless.

Ledial follows every step that brings to the birth of an exclusive jewel, from the idea to the realization. To define the design of a bespoke jewel, it is possible to start from a drawing, a photo, a stone or a family memento that you want to transform into a wearable accessory. In our laboratory the gemologist will take care of the research of the most suitable stones while the goldsmith will draw the model in CAD using 3D technology and following all the hints and indications provided by the customer in order to realize necklaces, earrings or customized rings absolutely unique and particularly precious because they are handmade by expert goldsmiths.

Custom bespoke jewelry creation: some ideas

The bespoke philosophy allows us to create personalized jewelry for women and men of the most diverse types: we can customize pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets of any style and material to create unique pieces ready to become top accessories or unforgettable gifts.

Here are some idea:

Custom necklace

Custom necklaces allow you to play with shapes, materials and symbols to create accessories that are perfect for the physicality and style of the person who will be wearing them. A bespoke necklace is definitely a gift of great value, even sentimentally.

Custom Pendants

Many brands offer pendants dedicated to life’s most important milestones, so why not celebrate an outcome or a special occasion with an absolutely unique pendant?

Customized Couple Rings

To celebrate a unique story there is nothing better than a pair of wedding rings or rings created specifically for the two lovers starting from the shapes, colors and symbols that most represent them.

Customized chevalier ring

Fall-winter 2021 brought a revival of the pinky ring, which is even more precious if it has an original personalized monogram.

Custom Plate Necklace

The classic plate, absolutely versatile by nature, in bespoke version can be enriched with stones, combinations of different materials and significant engravings.

Ledial has wide experience in creating custom and bespoke jewelry. If you are looking for custom jewelry online, click here to learn more about our goldsmith’s workshop: a team of experts will guide you through the creative process of making your jewelry.