Jewelries fall winter 2021/2022: all trends

Jewelries fall winter 2021/2022: all trends

The main trend of the season is boldness: find out what 21/22 jewelries to wear and how to mix them up.

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Although some catwalks continue to adopt the minimalist philosophy of less is more, new global trends are increasingly rediscovering oversized accessories, bold combinations and inspirations from the past.

Here are the 5 trends for the upcoming season:

Pearls: versatile and modern

Among the fashion jewelry trends for fall winter 2021, pearls stand out, used in copious amounts by many italian and international brands. Their comeback, however, is not a simple borrowing from the past: pearls are back in the limelight in a new light thanks to unusual combinations that combine traditional jewelry and the typical features of street style. Green light, then, to the bon ton string of pearls worn with t-shirts, casual pants and underground accessories.

Pinky chevalier ring: nobility and transgression

The historic french chevalier ring, traditionally worn on the fifth finger, in the catwalks dedicated to fall winter 2021 jewelry appears on all fingers of the hand to play with excess.

The symbols and initials that distinguish the surface of the accessory, moreover, in this case take on the appearance of real coded messages to be decoded. Curiosity and attention will be assured.

Choker and choker necklace: the importance of daring

On the theme of necklaces, fall winter 2021 jewelry trends suggest the reinterpretation of existing models through the exaggeration of ornaments, volumes and materials.

The protagonist color is definitely yellow gold, which appears in the form of spheres or chains, but also as the main color of charms and pendants. From women’s chokers (romantically vintage or ’90s) to chokers with precious stones and necklaces with voluminous lucky amulets: the key word is “visibility”.

Large earrings: impact impressions

Large hoop earrings rule the industry with extra-large sizes. The lobes become the perfect point from which to drop metallic fringes, three-dimensional work and small floral-themed sculptures.

Naturally, large pendant earrings, which can also be worn on one ear for those who love asymmetry, are also influenced by pearls and gold, which are once again the most popular materials.

Brooches: new experiments from the past

Long relegated to grandma’s wardrobe, it’s time for brooches to make a comeback on the catwalk: the accessory is making its way into the most trendy 2021 jewelers to be worn on collars, lapels and hats, even in a small composition of several pieces.

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