A precious accessory can give any outfit an extra touch of elegance. In this post we will discover the most popular men’s jewellery, perfect for treating yourself and your loved ones.

Men’s jewellery can be defined as a status symbol: it highlights the elegance, style and personality of the wearer. Whether it’s a watch, a necklace, a bracelet, or rings, cufflinks and cover buttons, the items that belong to this category can turn out to be the perfect gifts and an essential accessory.

In this case, also, choosing pre-loved jewellery allows us to optimize the budget and identify unique products by exploring a world of designer and handcrafted, vintage or contemporary proposals.

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How to choose the perfect men’s necklace

A men’s gold necklace is a precious item, perfect to celebrate a special occasion. Usually it is possible to choose between four standard lengths. The first one is 45 cm, particularly suitable for thin constitutions, or for those who love to wear models such as the classic men’s choker necklace, while the 50 cm’s extension reaches the scapula. The third option is a bit longer model, about 55 cm, and the last, the 60 cm, reaches the sternum.


A special mention should be reserved for the men’s chain necklace, which can present different types of links including the Figaro (or 3 + 1 curb), the anchor, the mariner or even the tiger eye and the snail.

Here’s a list of the three most popular and loved gift ideas:

  • White gold men’s necklace
  • Yellow gold men’s necklace
  • Men’s cross necklace or men’s rosary necklace

Men’s pendant

To further enrich a men’s necklace it is possible to add a gold or silver pendant: that could reflect the style and personality of the man who wears it. Green light therefore to classic pendants such as gold ones, for more traditional men’s necklaces (es. cross pendant) or men’s pendants for luck or simply ornamental ones.

Men’s bracelets

Among the most loved precious men’s accessories, the gold bracelet holds a place of honour. It could be an ideal gift for important milestones and personal success, it is a refined item that can enhance the character of the wearer with style and refinement.

The traditional yellow gold men’s bracelet is now accompanied by the men’s tennis bracelet, made up of a string of diamonds, and the men’s white gold bracelet, a metropolitan and contemporary reinterpretation of the more classic variant made in warm tones.

Here are some of the most popular products:

  • men’s rigid bracelet
  • men’s bracelet with personalized engraving
  • men’s bracelet with precious stone

Men’s rings in gold and other materials

 A gold or silver men’s ring can communicate many different messages, informing others about the social or political affiliation, or the status of those who wear it.

Whether it’s a sought-after white gold men’s signet ring (the Chevalier), gold men’s rings with stone or yellow gold men’s ring worn as a wedding ring, the accessories that stand out on the hands must be chosen with particular care because they will always be for all to see.

In our small overview we cannot forget the gold man ring with diamond, or the male solitaire that is returning more and more in vogue.


Men’s gold cufflinks and button covers

Among the most elegant jewels for men cufflinks and button covers stand out, as accessories used to embellish shirts and refined suits.

The difference between the two types lies in the ways in which they are worn: while cufflinks are used to fasten the cuffs “in the French way”, so without fixed buttons, cover buttons are applied in combination with the classic closures to enhance the particularity of an outfit.


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