A jewel is a truly timeless gift, a gift that keeps its value and meanings unchanged despite the variability of tastes and trends. If you are looking for jewelry to give as a gift at Christmas, do not miss the opportunity to choose a precious pre-loved: read on to find out why.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets: for Christmas we embrace pre-loved

According to the seventh annual report on pre-loved sales by thredUP, the largest platform dedicated to fashion re-sale, by 2023 the pre-loved market will reach $51 billion, occupying up to 10% of total retail sales.

The new luxury consumers are attentive to sustainability, fascinated by the great classics and intent on acquiring particular accessories with which to express their uniqueness – three characteristics that can be fully satisfied by a pre-loved jewel.

If you’re looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings to give as Christmas gifts, here are five reasons to choose a precious re-sale:

  • A pre-loved jewel is different from those that crowd contemporary shop windows and has a distinct personality and a story to tell: the perfect gift to pay homage to a person with an inimitable character.
  • Pre-loved jewelry proves that precious accessories have exceptional resistance to the passage of time – your gift can accompany those you love for a lifetime
  • Pre-loved valuables have secure economic, historical and artistic value and tend to be significantly more affordable than their current counterparts.
  • A pre-loved piece of jewelry is a hymn to circularity: make a sustainability-conscious person happy with a gift that respects the planet.
  • Like many other pre-loved accessories, second-hand jewelry is a real trend today: the
    Bijoux from the past are highly sought after and re-sale luxury is on the rise, thanks in part to trends that suggest mixing vintage pieces with contemporary elements.

Gift ideas: selected pre-loved Christmas jewelry

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Say goodbye to standard gifts suggested by unbridled consumerism and embrace the philosophy of pre-loved buying as Christmas gifts re-sale jewelry selected with care and passion: choose a unique gift for a unique person.

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