Considering the frenzy of contemporary days, this choice is not surprising: we are attracted to colors that offer a sense of protection on the one hand and evoke a feeling of infinity on the other.

Projecting the color of the year in jewelry we can find it reflected in the transparency of the sapphire, transparent and shiny that with the most beautiful shades reminds us of the depths of the ocean. In the past it was thought that whoever owned sapphires was a good, magnanimous, faithful person and capable of handling the command. Even today this stone is a refinement that every woman would like to keep in the jewelry box and exhibit on special occasions.

To remind us of the boundless blue that evokes the vast and infinite evening sky there is instead lapis lazuli.
Dense stone of an intense blue, which thanks to the small luminous traces it contains, reminds us of starry skies.
Lapis Lazuli is a strongly spiritual stone that improves creativity, creates clarity in communicating and depth of thought.

  • gioielli