Have you ever heard of the pre-loved philosophy? Let’s find out how quality and style can coexist in the name of sustainability. If the hectic culture of fast fashion isn’t your thing and you keep a passion for quality and originality, the pre-loved trend is probably perfect for you. In this article we’ll talk about carefully selected second-hand jewelry and why it should be part of your jewel box.

Pre-loves jewels: what does it mean?

You probably have already came across definitions such as “pre-loved bags” or “pre-loved fashion”, common expressions that are becoming increasingly popular also in Italy. The concept of “pre-loved”, specifically applied to objects and accessories, refers to quality items that have already belonged to someone who chose and loved them before us. What is the main difference between pre-loved and the common definition of “used”? The answer is the exclusivity and the guarantee of superior quality. More than “second hand” good, a pre-loved object is “second heart”: someone before us understood the potential of a jewel and decided to invest in that little treasure, identifying it in a vast panorama that offers thousands of choices. Giving it new life is a very pleasant and captivating mission.

 Why choose a guarantee second-hand jewel?

 Here are five reasons why buying certified used jewelry is a great choice for you and the planet:

  • Pre-loved jewelry opposes the decline in quality dictated by fast fashion;
  • Guaranteed second hands goods limit the environmental impact of new poor quality production;
  • Among the pre-loved items it is possible to find rare jewels, vintage accessories and unique pieces;
  • The quality of a refurbished used is guaranteed by certified goldsmiths and gemologists;
  • Pre-loved jewels have a much more advantageous value / price ratio.

If you want to enrich the selection of precious accessories with smart purchases, if you love objects with the charm of a story behind them and if you want to contribute to the protection of the environment and people, choose a pre-loved jewels that could offers you the opportunity to cultivate your uniqueness with an eye to affordability, originality and sustainability.

Ledial is an Italian chain of stores specialized in pre-loved jewelry, with 18 years of experience: it selects and sells second-hand jewelry with different styles and prices that create a wide range of irresistible opportunities. Today Ledial is also online with a most desirable choice of second-hand objects.

If you want to pamper yourself with a new accessory, choose a really special gift or find the best piece for a small investment take a look to our online catalogue.

A final advice: embrace the search for your second-hand jewel with the spirit of a treasure hunt, because a treasure is exactly what you might find.


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