At Ledial you will find an accurate selection of pre-loved jewelry but also all the precious services of a traditional goldsmith’s workshop.
A 360° jewel care that consists in adapting, renewing and repairing jewels of all types. In this article we present the main goldsmith repairs that we offer to our customers:

Modification of ring sizes

A ring can be forever, but to wear it in complete comfort and safety, it is essential that it’s the right size. If you have inherited or received as a gift a ring that is too narrow or too wide, but also if the physiognomy of your hands has changed, the Ledial goldsmith’s laboratory can re-size it with the utmost care and attention, making it perfect for you.

Doing so is as simple as taking the size of a ring: we’ll take care of the rest.

Repair necklaces and bracelets

If the clasp of your favorite necklace or bracelet has broken, the thread that held your pearls together has snapped or you would like to renew an outdated piece of jewelry to make it more trendy and contemporary, our goldsmiths are ready to solve any problem. Our goldsmiths are experts in threading necklaces and repairing damaged jewelry, but that’s not all: as true jewel artists, they also have the skills and creativity needed to give new life to a piece of jewelry from the past that can still be worn with satisfaction.

Rhodium plated white gold and silver

Do you want to transform a yellow gold jewelry into something more modern and versatile? With a bath in rhodium we can totally change its color. The same process helps us renew silver and white gold jewelry that has lost its luster with the passage of time, making sure that it returns to give off its elegant glow.

Jewelry cleaning and maintenance

Our goldsmith laboratory takes care of your jewelry by cleaning and polishing them to remove the signs of time and use, all with special care based on the characteristics of the materials that make up the individual accessory. A simple ultrasonic wash cleans and gives new life and brilliance and so you rediscover the pleasure of wearing your heart jewelry as if it were brand new.

Personalized Engraving Jewelry

If you love custom engraved jewelry, our goldsmiths can engrave a date or name on the surfaces of rings, pendants and bracelets to create a unique gift or special accessory that allows you to carry an important message with you always.


Find out more about the Ledial goldsmith laboratory and the services available to you: click here. Our customer service is at your disposal for information, advice and customized solutions.


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