Second hand Jewelry

Second hand Jewelry

Affordable and sustainable Christmas gifts

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The fast fashion industry has led to a culture of easy purchase of trendy, low quality jewelry, which wastes resources and exposes ourselves to the dispersion of toxic materials.

Luckily, the growing global focus on sustainability has raised questions about the environmental impact and ethics of our jewelry.

In Italy, vintage jewelry and second hand precious items are more and more trendy.

The jewels, compared to other used goods, have the prerogative of looking really new, with the advantage of a price that takes into account their second life.

The reconditioned jewel is a used jewel that is refurbished thanks to the intervention of a specialized goldsmith.

So the choice to buy second hand jewelry has multiple advantages:

  1. Advantageous price, because in addition to being like new, it costs less than traditional jewelry.
  2. They are eco-sustainable, because it helps to keep pollution levels low by avoiding the waste of new natural resources.
  3. Uniqueness is a third advantage not to be underestimated; among the reconditioned jewels you can find real vintage treasures from precious collections (now out of production), unique pieces and famous brands.

In our stores and in our online shop, you can find a wide range of precious items in different price categories, perfect for your unique and eco-friendly Christmas gifts!