The solitaire ring has culturally established itself as an unattainable symbol of love and dedication, and represents the engagement ring par excellence, as the best way to get a truly special gift. The expression “a diamond is forever”, coined by the famous company De Beers in 1946, has become part of our common speech and today it is almost impossible to walk past a shop window without being captured by those precious and unmistakable gleams.

The brilliant cut: how to select it

Most important factors to consider when choosing the diamond in the solitaire ring are expressed through the “4 Cs”: carat (as weight), colour, clarity (as purity) and cut. These characteristics could be briefly explained as follows. The size is strictly connected with weight, and it is measured in carats, the most precious colour is complete transparency, while the yellow shade leads to a lowering of the stone’s value. A good cut enhances the brilliance while the inclusions (impurities) penalize it.

It is essential to ensure that the setting enhances the preciousness of the stone, whether the choice falls on the solitaire ring in white, yellow or pink gold.

The setting of the solitaire ring: some advices

There is an infinite number of different settings on the market, from the most precious to the most essential. In any case, the advice is to choose a design suited to the personality and habits of those who will wear the ring. Among our proposal you will find a classical solitaire ring but also a ring with a solitaire, perhaps with a frame with an original shape. In any case the best choice is the solitaire diamond ring with a few claws (the teeth that fix the stone to the ring), which maximizes the brightness and the beauty of the stone.

The importance of the solitaire ring

Giving or treating yourself to a solitaire engagement ring means signing a promise of eternal love (for someone else or for yourself!) with an object as small as it is significant. The solitaire diamond ring is known by this name, “solitaire”, because it refers to the fact that it should always be worn alone on the left ring finger, a finger that owes its name to the characteristic of being lucky since ancient times and the recipient of these and other precious tokens of love.

Buy it for an important person or treat yourself to a unique gift: after all, a style icon like Marilyn Monroe taught us that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Promise, gratification, status symbol – in any case, this special stone is made for dreaming.

Why choose a pre-love diamond solitaire

Whether it’s a classic white gold solitaire ring, or a yellow or rose gold version, Ledial selects each solitaire engagement ring by identifying the best pre-loved jewels ready to continue their love journey by helping to write a new story.

In addition, the excellent value of pre-loved jewelry will allow you to maximize your budget by purchasing a higher quality jewel than the new one.

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