The color of the year created by Panton for 2022 is 17-3938 Very Peri, a periwinkle blue with a touch of red. The result is a purplish blue that radiates dynamism, creativity and a desire to enter a welcoming and bright future. The blue confers wisdom and the red infuses a charge of energy, these are the qualities needed to face the new year well.

In the landscape of gold jewelry with gemstones, the race for new color results in a powerful return to prominence of timelessly elegant blue-violet gems like amethyst and sapphire, to which are added the original shades of blue iolite and tanzanite.

Whether it’s white gold earrings, an artistic necklace or a yellow gold ring, sapphire and amethyst will not be missed in your jewelry box.

Sapphire: meaning and features

Blue sapphire is the most popular and sought after variety of corundum. This magnificent stone is similar in composition to ruby. Its hues can vary from a refined pale blue to an intense deep blue, and if the inclusions present in the gem are chromium, the color veers towards indigo, very close to the color of the year 2022. These are the sapphires native to Sri Lanka with the typical purplish blue tone.

In addition, jewelry such as sapphire earrings or a ring with sapphire (perhaps a wonderful sapphire and diamond ring) lend themselves to be worn every day in serenity: the high hardness of the gem, in fact, is equal to 9 on the Mohs scale (10 is the maximum value and represents that of the diamond) and gives the stone a remarkable strength.Often chosen as a talisman, sapphire is associated to purity, lively intellect, spiritual research and the ability to see beyond appearances. Consequently, a sapphire necklace can be a meaningful and exciting gift: a true statement of esteem.

Amethyst: meaning and features

Amethyst, a highly valued stone since ancient times, is a beautiful purplish quartz associated with nobility, protection, pure love and sincerity of emotions. Its color can range from a pale lilac to a deep purple with rich purple hues.Since crystal study suggests that this stone can help in freeing us from headaches, swelling and stress, precious accessories such as an amethyst ring or amethyst earrings are an invitation to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Tanzanite: a stone to discover

Tanzanite stone is a variety of zoisite, a crystalline mineral appreciated for its pleochroism, that is the ability to change color (in this case passing from blue to purple) according to the orientation of light. Raw tanzanite, discovered in Tanzania in 1967, comes from deposits that are being depleted and for this reason it is increasingly being searched for by connoisseurs. Available in many sizes, from the classic oval cut to symbolic works such as the heart cut, this stone gives life to very elegant and original bijoux.

Iolite: iridescent stone

Iolite, also known as cordierite or water sapphire, a gemstone with remarkable iridescent power, exhibits a beautiful natural blue-violet color that is enhanced during processing through cuts capable of focusing on the charming two-tone refractions generated by its contact with light. Choose bracelets or rings with iolite for an intense and original look.

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