How to clean gold? Taking care of jewels made of this noble metal is quite simple, but it requires attention and, depending on the cases, different strategies may be recommended.

Read on to discover how to clean and polish gold properly and satisfactorily.

How to clean yellow gold

To keep your yellow gold jewels always bright, shiny and clean you will need a bowl of warm water, an old toothbrush and neutral soap. The first step is softening any residue or debris: leave the jewels to soak for about ten minutes in plenty of soapy water. After this time you can proceed by gently brushing the jewels, paying particular attention to engravings and other details that may retain sebum, dust or small debris. After brushing, all you have to do is rinse your yellow gold under running water and dry it carefully using a soft cloth or leaving it in the air for a few hours.

How to clean white gold

If you want to learn how to clean white gold rings and other jewels made from the same material, we suggest you to follow the same routine recommended for yellow gold items to start with. If, after cleaning, you should notice that your jewels have a faded or yellowed color, it means that it is time to contact the goldsmith to schedule a rhodium plating, a procedure that will restore all the clear brightness to your white gold.

How to clean gold and gemstones

How to clean gold and gemstone jewels? If you own a solitaire, tennis bracelet or other accessories with gold and gemstones, pearls or crystals, the cleaning must follow a more delicate routine to avoid any scratch or damage to your jewels.

If the jewels you want to clean have some details set, it is important to avoid prolonged immersion and high temperatures that could affect the adhesives, opting for the use of a cotton cloth moistened and possibly soaped. Rinsing and especially drying must be extremely accurate: we recommend to leave the clean jewels on a smooth and lint-free cloth overnight in order to eliminate any trace of residual moisture. At the end of your cleaning routine, remember to store each piece of jewel in its individual case to prevent the various accessories from scratching each other.

If you have family mementos, important gifts or pieces of great economic or emotional value, we recommend that you consider entrusting the cleaning to our specialized laboratory, able to offer services such as cleaning gold jewelry with special ultrasonic tanks designed to give a new shine to your valuables: you can contact us by clicking here.