From pearl necklaces to the trendiest rigid bracelets, Ledial offers you so much more than just classic summer sales. Discover why.

July is the summer shopping month for excellence: summer is here, the sales are tempting and we start thinking about granting ourselves something that has been on our wish list for a while now… and among the most coveted items there is often at least one piece of jewelry.

If you love precious accessories but you have a strict budget to respect, don’t give up on your little big dreams: explore the world of pre-loved jewelry and make sure dreamy jewels at super convenient prices.

Gift or treat yourself to a piece of jewelry: why pre-loved?

Choose a pre-loved accessory, especially in the luxury sector, means to win pieces of value (and often trendy) at prices much more convenient than those of the retail pirces. Among the jewelry offered by Ledial, for example, you can find precious handmade creations as well as trendy products (such as the inevitable charms) signed by the most popular brands. What do a woman’s rose gold ring and a man’s white gold bracelet proposed by Ledial have in common? Simple: the surprisingly convenient price! Compared to the price of new item, the quality pre-loved market allows you to buy more valuable pieces for the same budget, optimizing your spending power to get you the most out of it.

Your bright dreams become more affordable right away.

Ledial: where to buy

In order to offer our carefully selected pre-loved jewelry to as many people as possible, we have developed an online shop that allows you to purchase your favorite pieces directly where and when you want with a few simple clicks. In addition to our online activity, we also offer traditional sales, which we carry out in six physical stores located in the metropolitan city of Milan. Find the store nearest to you by clicking here or access our online shop now.

Spend an unforgettable summer wearing something precious: choose the particularity and the convenience of a pre-loved jewel!